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Residential Glass Service


Before and After Fogged WindowDo you have fogged or broken windows or patio doors? Let Wallingford Glass give you an estimate to replace those windows and answer any questions you may have like:
1. Why is there moisture inside my window?
2. What is insulated glass?
3. How long will replacements take? The Difference Is Clear


NEW! Fireplace and Wood Stove Replacement Glass

We carry replacement glass for your fireplace or wood stove! Did you accidentally break or damage the glass and are not sure where to turn? Let Wallingford Glass get you the exact fit for your fireplace doors or wood stove window and we can easily match the temperature ratings for you. Depending on your fireplace replacement glass needs, Wallingford Glass has Tempered Glass with a shock rating of 400 degrees F and Ceramic Glass with a thermal shock rating of 1380 degrees F. We also carry Mica replacement glass for older coal and wood stoves which withstands temperatures of 1800 degrees F.

Wood Stove Replacement Glass Fireplace Replacement Glass


Screens & Storms

Having torn screens replaced not only keeps out insects but can improve the appearance of your home. In most cases re-screening can be done while you wait or within 24 hours. We can fabricate new screens and we carry replacement sliding screen doors.

* Paw Proof Screens Available *

Paw Proof Screens

Window Reglazing

Are you trying to preserve the historical value of your home by keeping your original windows? You can have your old window pane re-glazed with new putty by our professionals.

* Restoration Glass Available *

Shower Doors

We have a great selection of shower doors of all shapes and sizes. Click the link below to view all of the styles available or choose the exact series you are looking for. Come back and let us know which style is right for you.

Easco Shower Doors

Estate Series | Elite Series | Image Series | Image Plus Series | Expresion Series | Everest Series

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